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I guess I should start with my name. A lot of people have asked how to say it so I hope this helps Travino (Truh-Vee-No), and I'm a human 🙂. I love creating digital things and I have a deep interest in digital photography and 3D animation. In 2021 I completed my Associats degree in photography while working part time as a freelance wedding photographer, which set the foundation for me to persue my Bachelors degree in 3D animation. I am origionally from various parts of the Silicon and Willamette Valley, so I was pretty much raised to be a hippie techie at heart. When I don't have a camera in hand I'm usually at my computer studying and experimenting with various 3D programs. So far I can say that Blender has been my favorite. After serving nearly 10 years in the military, I learned the importance of being both flexible and punctual, I now use both the skills gained in the military and from art school to be more critical about my own work while still eger to receive constructive feedback.

I've been inspired by artists across various deciplines spanning from traditional photographers such Platon Antoniou and Annie Leibovitz to Handel Eugene and Mike Winkelmann (Beeple). Their mastery and balance of light and design has intrigued and captivated me and I hope to also show their spirit in my work. I strive to create thought provoking images and immersive 3D designs.

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