Travino was born in the heart of the Silicon Valley. He grew up always on the move and that paved his road through the Army and into photography. Whether it was bouncing through the forests around Corvallis Orgon, or the hills of East San Jose California, his modus operandi has been built on the pursuit of self-realization, and remembering the precious moments throughout life. After serving 10 years in the US Army, photography quickly turned from a hobby to an intense passion. Travino's photography is an extension of his thoughts and views of different subjects and cultures around the world. Landscapes photography is where Travino goes to clear his mind and to become more grounded. Travino's fascination for astronomy often has him wandering out at night to photograph the stars. In addition to astrophotography the heartfelt connections through portrait, fashion, and wedding photoshoots, has also fueled his desire to adopt the trade of a professional photographer.

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